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Lee Osborne


606 Wardell Ind. Park Rd.

Cedar Bluff, Va. 24609

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Email: lee@ceramictech.com

Scott White


606 Wardell Ind. Park Rd.

Cedar Bluff, Va. 24609

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March 2017 marks Ceramic Technology Inc.'s 32nd year of manufacturing its innovative 24x7 CTI-X7® Ceramic Lined Process Equipment, which is utilized throughout the U.S. and Canadian mineral, coal and power industries. From our plant facility located adjacent to the Southwest Virginia Community College, CTI-X7® coordinates engineering and production teams to build ceramic component process systems to meet the needs of the coal and power industries. This technology shift started to gain momentum in 1984-1985 and is now the accepted standard of performance with a 20:1 baseline return on investment as to annual operations maintenance cost and operational expansion.

In March of 2010, Ceramic Technology was award a US-International Patent on the CTI-X7® SAM-1 Static Pre-Screen. This innovative product defines a technology shift that results in lower operational cost for coal and potash processing by improving magnetite recovery and extending process screen performance.

The CTI-X7© Ceramic Standard as applied today contributes directly to 24x7 operations schedules. This 1500% increase in operational equipment life supports 24x7 operations schedules. CTI's history of proven innovative performance as to redesign and greater life performance of coal related construction processes, has become the standard of efficiency in abrasion control and magnetite recovery.

By using CTI fabrications, customers receive the full benefit of CTI's operational experience, core coal maintenance operating experience, and consistent design and delivery that can save your company millions of dollars over the life of process plant operations.

The CTI team is committed to delivering improved preparation performance for our customers. We stand by our designs because all detailing, engineering, fabrication and lining is done by a committed in-house team of technicians. Since its inception in 1985, CTI fabrications have been benchmark standards of plant efficiency. CTI fabrications give customers greater return on investment as well as delivers added value to preparation plants.

Not only will we detail, deliver added value of fabrications and machine designs during the contract period, we'll also support ongoing operational maintenance in the years to come. The CTI-X7® team's commitment to improved performance is the platform that forms the core to our success.

We encourage you to contact CTI-X7® today to discuss your present and future projects.

Ceramic Technology
606 Wardell Industrial Park
24609 Cedar Bluff Virginia

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