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In the last 36 years, Ceramic Technology Inc. has concentrated their efforts on defining an innovative Class A contract manufacturer services to improve operational performance through improved systems redesign, specifically to combat Impact abrasion and reactive wear.  

 CTI meets the need to improve operational performance by the redesign of existing equipment systems. We provide a rapid response service to fossil generating plants, including the US and Canadian mining industry such as Coal, Gold, Phosphate, Potash, Copper, Cement, Gravel, Sand, and Rare Earth Minerals. 

 Our efforts and performance standards are known across The United States as well as all the Canadian provinces. 

We specialize in the design and manufacturing of CTI-X7® Ceramic Lined Process Equipment. The new standard has proven to contribute as much as a 35 percent operational improvement when applied to equipment maintenance. This standard results in a cleaner operation with the improved focus of your production manpower.  We have been a top tier ceramic manufacturer for 36 years and we’re ready to redesign your plant to perfection.

The X7®standard outperforms traditional equipment Liners such as AR 400, Carbide Overlay, UMHW, Ductal Hardened pipe, Rubber Lined pipe. Ductal and rubber-lined pipes are used in high-capacity mineral feed system can result in catastrophic failures. We see feed rates as much as 50,000 TPD  

The CTI-X7® Ceramic Specification provides a clear plan to apply performance standard that will improve your operational efficiency.

 As a contract ceramic manufacturer, we focus on plant parts and redesign to target the high cost of rebuild and replacement as too repetitive plant components. We concentrate our skills to improve circuit upgrades and plant expansions, delivering a 20 to 1 ROI to target a safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly mining operation.

  • CTI’s engineering team works directly with your operational managers to improve maintenance performance, including plant expansions, new process circuit improvements, and process equipment redesign.
  • We create drawings on customer requests and respond with RFQs in most cases, 1to 2 weeks. On receipt of customer sketches, drawing approval, and on the issuance of the purchase order, we deliver site-specific custom fabrications. Sales engineers follow up with the onsite installation and can work directly with your maintenance team.
  • We excel at working and recommending ceramic redesigns utilizing ceramic alumina components such as The CTI-X7® Ceramic Lined Cyclones and Process Equipment. Over the many years of working closely with the operational teams, we focused on re-defined maintenance priority specifying proven new performance standards. We are improving operational life where impact abrasion and reactive issues result in accelerated failure of material processing systems such as piping, chutes, cyclones, overflow underflow boxes, distributors, head chutes, loadouts, feeders, etc.
  • The CTI-X7® Ceramic Standard was recognized in a World Class Reliability Contest hosted by Emerson Controls, held in San Antonio, Texas, on October 3, 2018. Detour Gold presented the X7r Equipment Standard had been a Major Contributing factor achieving a 35% improved maintenance performance. Detour Gold was able to replace rubber standard liner in 30 In cyclone underflow feed pipe to Ball Mills at 56.000 TPD

Mining processing operations will realize 20 to 25 ROI:

CTI received the federal trademark on our equipment performance standard on September 2, 2014. CTI-X7® Ceramic Process Equipment Brand is recognized as a game-changer across the North American Continent.

The unscheduled plant shut down requires plant personnel to go into high gear to repair or replace failed process equipment in hard-to-access compartments. Repairs of this nature are complicated and, in many cases, can add elements of increased accident potential.

Spills of mineral ores, phosphate, potash, and gold ore require excessive working hours to clean. Environmental spills uncontained require reporting to state agencies that can result in fines and stricter, higher cost of mining permits.

We design process circuits that include the CTI-X7® Heavy Media and Classifying Cyclone, including tub, overflow, and underflow arrangements. When used with the CTI-X7® Static Screens, it can process high plant throughput recovering Magnetite Medium at less than .5 pounds per raw ton as a consistent performance point. It also improves screen performance as to classification and resulting in longer life of process screen panels.

The process runs full cycle, by the customer requesting a quotation:

CTI will budget, pre-engineer, and contract manufacture new plant expansion and/or new capital process facility

●A quote goes out to the customer with preliminary Drawing

●Customer Issues PO

●Final G.A. drawing completed, field checked.

●Final drawing detailed approved by the customer

●Issues to plant for the manufacturing

●Product cut out +-1/16th Inch

●Fit, welded and blasted

●Liners installed

●Finish Epoxy applied @ 10-12 Mill, Machine Gray

●Delivered in a 6-8 week period

●CTI will accommodate customers’ expedited delivery request

●We specialize maintenance fabrications with dead bolt accuracy including field support to help coordinate your maintenance team

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