Evolution of Ceramics to Ceramic Technology

Ceramics has, since 20000 BC, been intrinsic in the development of civilization and remains a testament to man’s innovation. Early on, the ceramic art form and the need for more critical day-to-day implements progressed into glassware production that could be sold or traded.

Ceramic production in 2018 has developed into complex support systems with branch technology that supports and enhances our lives continuously. A minimal list includes mining and aviation,   housing materials, vehicles, equipment manufacturing, armaments, space travel, and medical equipment, including knee and hip replacement components. 

For the last 34 years, CTI has focused on redesigning and improving mineral processing equipment such as coal, phosphate, and potash. 

CTI specializes in utilizing a more efficient Alumina Oxide as a liner to extend process equipment life and improve mineral processing performance.


We have concentrated on our fabrication and production utilizing 92% Alumina engineered liners due to best performance in extending process equipment life and, therefore, better cost efficiency in mineral process performance.

Alumina Oxide starts as mined borax and then processed into calcined alumna. The crystals are combined with additives such as silica and then form into a green state, fired at 2200 degrees that promote crystal growth. That results in product hardness of 9.5 vs. 10 diamond hardness on the Mohs Hardness Scale. 

The crystal growth results in a material that is inert or impermeable resulting in unique characteristics that are hard and will absorb impact when adequately designed and applied. Process minerals of a high moisture content nature, such as wet concrete, will not build-up due to the impermeable crystal structure. 


Ceramic Technology Inc. has thirty-four years of business expansion and benchmarks an innovative progression and focus on improved maintenance procedures, including patents on mineral process equipment. 

We were awarded a registered trademark in September 2014, The CTI-X7® Ceramic Process Equipment. 

The CTI-X7® Static Screen redefines screen feed point technology, countering the radius sieve bend and drop-box standard of the last 50 years.

The X-7® Static Screen is a magnetite recovery screen that directs fines minus 1.5 mm to the Mag Separators.  Over-sized partials continue to the drain and rinse the screen. The final spray washing completes magnetite recovery. Many plants have reported less than .5 pounds per ton of Raw Coal.   


The CTI-X7®Protection Screens are scaled-down and operate much as the X-7® Static Screen. Screen sizes are interchangeable, resulting in minimal maintenance cost, especially considering the small footprint and your operators’ ability to visual check oversize concentrations. 

The CTI X-7® Circuit Protection Screen has also been a consistent performer in sizing out oversize particles in fine coal circuits such as the feed to the classifier, microcells, and thickener underflow protection. 

Problems associated with the misplaced material can adversely affect your plant performance leading to lost coal and forced emergency plant shutdowns. 

We apply warranties on all our X-7®Mineral Processing Equipment and Maintenance Equipment Parts. 

We are a class-A certified mineral equipment contract manufacturer. The CTI-X7® Ceramic Process is respected throughout the US and Canada mining industry that benchmarks operational efficiency.  

At CTI, we excel at designs to meet customer needs. Our engineers will coordinate proper selection and location, including flowcharts, to install the CTI X-7 units. We look forward to being of service to you and your company. 

Please contact Ceramic Technology Inc.  www.ceramictech.com or call us @ 800-437-1142

Who We Are

Ceramic Technologies Inc. is the exclusive manufacture of CTI-X7 processing equipment. With our equipment, we are able to ensure that the time of our clients and customers is spent longer on manufacturing and less on maintenance.

The CTI-X7 expands the life span of equipment across the mining process and it’s thanks to ceramic technology that many of our greatest technological achievements have been made today. If you look back on any time in history you will see that ceramic was being used. From the moon landing to the modern-day industrial industry.

As the exclusive holder of the CTI-X7 patent, we are a leader in the industry. In many ways, we have been pioneers, and our 30 plus years of experience speak to that. 

Put your trust in Ceramic Technologies. Our technology will lead to improvements across your entire plant and you’ll quickly see the benefits. 

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