How CTI-X7 Technology Improves Efficiency

Ceramic Technology, Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of plant expansion and new capital plant equipment. Our patented CTI-X7 technology is cost-effective and efficient, providing plants with the mineral processing they need to function. 

We offer to engineer and contract ceramic manufacturing, which allows our CTI-X7 Ceramic Standard to apply to any mineral processing plant. 

Ceramic Technology, Inc. has developed many industry-standard advancements that make mineral processing more efficient. 

We’ve outlined some of the various refinery pieces that CTI-X7 Ceramic Standard technology has improved:
  • Dust Cyclones
  • Impact Elbows
  • Primary and Secondary Ash Cyclones
  • Drain and Rinse Pans
  • Sluices and Flumes
  • Ceramic Impact Pads

Our patented CTI-X7 technology improves mineral processing efficiency, making plant operation safer and more efficient. We offer comprehensive solutions to any mineral processing plant. Our technology drastically improves plant operation, increasing output and decreasing risk.

Dust Cyclones

Our Dust Cyclones are operable in temperatures of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This product is perfect for improving replacement cycles, making processing more efficient.

Our Dust Cyclones are perfect for:
  • Sand separation
  • Cement
  • Dust
  • Chip separation
  • Corn and Soybeans
  • Lithium
  • Waste Plastic Recycling
  • Wood Manufacturing

Impact Elbows 

The impact elbow is perfect for reducing impact in significant gravity drop situations. This product is custom-built and can extend the system’s lifespan up to 10 times.

Primary and Secondary Ash Cyclones

Our ash cyclones divert oversize ash flow to storage silos, increasing efficiency. Our patented design is less prone to heat distortion and requires little maintenance.

Our ash cyclones see use in:
  • Coal power plants
  • Pneumatic flow systems
  • Magnetite systems
  • Cement transport

Drain and Rinse Pans 

Our drain and rinse pans are best used with vibratory screens, as they extend the life of fabrication from 5 to 20 years. Our drain and rinse pans are essential for screens where magnetite recovers. During this process, the abrasion and corrosion are very intense, which makes this piece crucial.

Our drain and rinse pans see use in:
  • Raw coal screen pans
  • Drain and rinse pans
  • Refuse screen pans 

Sluices and Flumes 

This piece is essential for plants looking to increase their production. Our sluices and flumes improve replacement cycles by a 10:1 ratio, allowing for more efficiency when processing raw coal.

Our sluices and flumes see use in:
  • Raw coal feed to SAM-1 Pre-Screens
  • Raw coal to rotating distributors
  • Pan discharge to sumps
  • Raw coal, sand, and base metals to sumps

Ceramic Impact Pad

The patented Ceramic Technology, Inc. impact pad helps dissipate impact on a conveyor or chute system. This pad consists of individually bolted panels to lessen the impact. 

Processing plants can use our ceramic impact pad in:
  • Component panel systems
  • Loadout chutes
  • Sand and granite chutes
  • Drop impact chutes 

Ceramic Technology, Inc. has many years of experience in the coal, phosphate, potash, gold, and coal industries, which gives us invaluable insight into mineral processing and plant efficiency. 

If a client needs a specific size or fit, we would be happy to assist them with their needs. 

How Does Ceramic Technology, Inc. Supply to Plants?

Our process begins when a client asks for a quote for our services. Afterward, we begin the meticulous design process and deliver the most efficient CTI-X7 technology for the client’s mineral processing plant.

Our step-by-step process is as follows:

  1. We budget, pre-engineer, and contract a client’s new plant expansion or facility.
  2. The client receives a preliminary drawing of the revision and a quote.
  3. The customer agrees to a Purchase Order (PO).
  4. The final picture is completed and verified.
  5. The client approves the final drawing.
  6. Ceramic Technology, Inc. manufactures the materials.
  7. The CTI-X7 products are fit, welded, and epoxied.
  8. The client receives the products in around 4-6 weeks.

Our cost-effective solutions to a client’s mineral piping needs make us stand out in the industry. The CTI-X7 technologies we used are some of the most advanced in the mineral processing industry, giving clients the results they need to profit. Our simple process makes it easier than ever for customers to receive the CTI-X7 ceramic standard equipment. 

Contact Ceramic Technology, Inc.

Our patented CTI-X7 equipment can streamline your plant’s mineral processing operations today. Our comprehensive solutions and attention to detail will help any mineral processing plant accelerate growth and profit, all while remaining operational. 

Our technologies are widely used in the North American continent because they have proven effective at driving efficiency and lowering costs. With our CTI-X7 technology, your mineral processing facility can increase production and prevent costly spills and shutdowns.

If you are interested in any of our products or would like to receive a quote, call us at (800) 437-1142 or fill out the contact form on our webpage. We would love to answer any questions you may have about our CTI-X7 equipment. 

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