CTI-X7 Lining in Carbon and Stainless Steel Pipes

Many mineral processing plants require a lining that reduces downtime and continuously processes materials. Our CTI-X7 lining can help plants increase their efficiency and decrease downtime. Since urethane and rubber lining can often reduce performance, we advise installing our ceramic lining for improved performance. 

Ceramic Technology, Inc. is the premier distributor of ceramic piping and CTI-X7 mineral processing equipment. We are committed to providing mineral processing plants with quality fabrications and equipment. 

Our ceramic lining can help improve workplace efficiency, reducing wear and keeping equipment running longer. We provide custom fabrication services for stainless steel and carbon systems, improving efficiency and plant operations.

Replacing Older Fabrications With CTI-X7 Lining

Rubber and urethane experience a lot of wear, which can reduce the pipes’ lifespan drastically. If these areas are not adequately maintained, it could result in costly downtime or spills. These issues can be particularly costly in high-velocity pipes, requiring a lot of cleanups if unchecked. 

Our ceramic lining solutions provide our clients with higher overall efficiency, guaranteed ROI, and continuous operations. 

We can provide this by:
  • Detailing impact elbow points
  • Lining angular areas with 1″ and 1/2″ tile configurations
  • Customizing our lining to fit any fabrication
  • Supporting installation by working directly with plant managers 
  • Designing impact sections to dissipate high-flow areas
  • Increasing maintenance performance
  • Eliminating fire hazards
  • Encouraging more efficient operations

Our sales team works directly with plant managers and employees to ensure that all parts. By collaborating directly with our clients, we ensure that their ceramic fabrications will outperform their previous equipment.

The Efficiency of Our CTI-X7 Lining 

Our ceramic lining is an efficient alternative to other products on the market, as it dissipates flow in high-velocity areas. By doing this, it prevents time-consuming spills or blowouts, allowing a plant to function continuously. 

Our equipment is efficient because our dedicated staff works hard to transition plants to our lining as smoothly as possible. We work directly with mineral processing plants to accurately measure and design ceramic fabrications for our clients. Clients with other lining, such as rubber or urethane can feel rest assured that they will receive the quality installation their plant deserves.

Our engineers can install CTI-X7 Process Equipment on practically any fabrication, including:
  • Straight spools
  • Impact elbows
  • Elbows
  • Special headers
  • And more!  

Our equipment meets the operational standards of mineral processing equipment, meaning we designed it with local rules and regulations in mind. We also designed it with environmental regulations in mind, which allows us to work hard to prevent spills and other environmental damage. 

About CTI-X7 Process Equipment

Our mineral processing equipment sees usage in plants across the continent. Ceramic Technology, Inc. operates in the United States and Canada as a Class-A Contract Manufacturer. We work tirelessly to improve the efficiency and output of mineral processing plants.

Our CTI-X7 line of products reduces impact and wear on pipes and other fabrications. Mineral processing generates a lot of friction on equipment, so it is crucial to ensure that all equipment is functioning correctly. Our CTI-X7 Ceramic Process Equipment drastically reduces the general wear and tear that piping undergoes during daily operations. 

CTI-X7 Process Equipment provides the following benefits:
  • Peace of mind for plant managers
  • Reliable service 
  • 24 x 7 operation
  • Reduced wear 
  • Improved ROI 
  • Higher efficiency 
  • Prevents spills or leaks
  • And more!

Our CTI-X7 equipment sees usage across the North American continent for a reason. We are happy to provide our expertise and knowledge to mineral processing plants of any size. Our dedicated team of engineers is here to answer any questions potential clients may have. 

Why Ceramic Technology, Inc.?

Our products prevent costly blowouts, leaks, and spills, which take a significant amount of time and money to clean. Unlike other mineral processing fabrications, our products provide quality results on a 24 x 7 basis, which will result in a significant return on investment for plants. 

CTI-X7 Process Equipment provides clients with a marked improvement in their plant’s efficiency. Our products reduce costs and provide a 20:1 return on investment for our customers. For this reason, our products are trusted in the North American continent, seeing use in the United States and Canada. 

Ceramic Technology has served the mineral processing industry for the past 26 years. We work hard to deliver innovative products to our clients. By working directly with teams, we help improve efficiency by providing quality fabrications for the daily needs of their plants.

Contact Ceramic Technology, Inc.

Our patented CTI-X7 equipment can streamline your plant’s mineral processing operations today. Our comprehensive solutions and attention to detail will help any mineral processing plant accelerate growth and profit while remaining operational. 

Our technologies are widely used in the North American continent because they have proven effective at driving efficiency and lowering costs. With our CTI-X7 lining, your mineral processing facility can increase production and prevent costly spills and shutdowns.

If you are interested in any of our products or would like to receive a quote, call us at (800) 437-1142 or fill out the contact form on our webpage. We would love to answer any questions you may have about our CTI-X7 equipment. 

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