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Effective Industrial Plant Maintenance And Repair Service

With more and more companies looking to expand, and consistently produce high-quality feeds, regular maintenance of industrial plants has become extremely crucial to ensure productivity and efficiency. An effective industrial plant maintenance service allows you to achieve minimum breakdowns and keep the plant at its optimum (profit-making) capacity at the lowest possible cost—without any interruption or potential risks. You may have a maintenance crew on-site consisting of some really good and experienced welders, however, this does not do the job, especially when your plant requires major repairs. If there is an equipment breakdown or an important piece of machinery goes out of order in a flow production plant, the entire line may get affected. Other production lines may also stop if the fault is not addressed in time, which can lead to a serious decline in the productivity and loss of several thousand dollars per hour of output. Industrial plant maintenance ensures availability of machines, crucial for the optimum performance of the plant for a better Return on Investment (ROI).

Ceramic Industrial Plant Maintenance Services

Depending on the type of plant and what it produces, the importance of plant maintenance varies. Ceramic industrial plant maintenance services for coal, phosphate, potash, and gold mining industries are geared towards complementing and increasing efficiency in various operations—from plant expansions to new process circuit improvements and redesigning of process equipment to target problematic plant components.

Premature wear results in repeated unscheduled maintenance shifts for replacing worn and blown out fittings. Equipment redesigning, and maintenance fabrications become necessary. An industrial plant maintenance expert specializing in fixing and upgrading ceramic-lined systems works with your in-house operational managers to target and deliver accurate fabrications in a responsive and time-effective manner that results in improved operational performance.

CTI-X7® for Ceramic Industrial Plant Maintenance

When it comes to ceramic industrial plant maintenance, CTI-X7® by Ceramic Tech Inc. has proven to be a game-changer in the industry and made installation and repair of equipment fast and easy. The technology provides a clear and thought-through plan to systematically apply a proven standard of performance that can improve operational efficiency. The process starts with:-

  • A preliminary drawing for verification and approval – With clear-cut field details and extensive discussion with you, CTI’s engineering staff does a preliminary drawing for the desired maintenance product, defines material design for your review and approval, and responds with RFQs in a short time (not more than 2 weeks).
  • Product Delivery (Site-specific Custom Fabrication) – On receipt of your sketches, final drawing approval and the issuance of the purchase order, a finished product—site-specific custom fabrication—is delivered to your plant, not later than 6 weeks after the approval. Ceramic Tech Inc.’s sales engineer follows up with the onsite installation with your in-house industrial plant maintenance team to ensure there are no hiccups—and everything goes smooth. This approach supports your operations and augments a complete integrated service.

To ensure time-effectiveness in the delivery schedule, CTI maintains an extensive drawing library to reissue maintenance items—as required.

CTI-X7®’s custom fabrications include but are not limited to: 

  • Bottom Ash Systems
    Along with pneumatic pipe and fittings with ceramic liner, CTI-X7® primary and secondary bottom ash cyclones have set a new benchmark in the industry, and have dramatically reduced recurring labor costs as to cyclone repairs, and ash pipe and fitting replacement—to meet rigorous environmental standards, thus ensuring a much improved ash system transport from boiler to silo.
  • Coal and Mineral Process Distributors
    Coal and mineral slurries are often pumped and directed to the primary process equipment. Because material flow wear is very aggressive, it is important to maintain a balanced and even flow from distribution point to the primary process equipment. Distributors can have as little as 2-way or as many as a 31-way arrangements, which is again a big challenge. This is where CTI-X7® coal and mineral process distributors turn out to be a life-saver. They help you ensure accurate stage distribution of the process flow.
  • HM Cyclones
    Ceramic Tech Inc. offers complete CTI X7® Ceramic HM cyclone arrangements and replacement parts. For the coal preparation process, CTI OEM replacement HM cyclones can be designed to tweak wear and separation performance. Cyclones in your plant are picked up by the CTI engineers and evaluated for repairing and full replacement—depending on the condition of the component.
  • Ceramic Process Piping
    For plants looking to pump high volume solids on a continuous 24/7 process schedule, CTI-X7® coal and mineral ceramic process piping is one of the most versatile and cost-effective solutions out there. Large particles, dense medium processes create wear problems. By detailing a carbon steel, schedule 40 pipe standard with ceramic, Ceramic Tech designs coal and mineral ceramic process piping for these specific wear issues.
  • Segmented Elbows
    Ceramic Tech Inc. designs and manufactures complete ceramic-lined piping systems, including pipe elbows for the coal, power and minerals industries. The segmented elbow designs are specific to handling large particulate flows through coal pump suctions, as well as complete large diameter heavy-media lines for dealing with impacts and blowout conditions. The distinctive fitting designs offer more flexibility, and extended component life.

Due to plant maintenance crews short-staffed nature, ceramic industrial plant maintenance by a specialist is evident to complement operations on a large scale. Let Ceramic Tech Inc. take care of your plant maintenance and repair needs for better productivity and increased operational efficiency.

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