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Ceramic Technology Inc. tracks 28 year innovative performance based history as to implementation of the CTI-X7® ceramic coal mining equipment and standards being utilized locally and worldwide as coal and coal-fired power industries. Our engineering team has developed designs which have been awarded multiple patents in the United States, Canada and Australia.

CTI-X7® designs are proven, over 20 year performance curves in round the clock Coal and mineral, high abrasion and wear applications. We make it our mission to help operations like yours achieve the same levels of efficiency and savings that many of our customers are already enjoying.

As you browse our site, know that engineering and production teams stand ready to evaluate and define a performance based solution for coal mining, copper mining, silver mining, and gold mining applications that will define a 10-1 return as to replacement life as to your high wear process equipment.

Engineering and Contract Manufacturing

CTI-X7® continues to be a benchmark supplier of new capital plant and expansion equipment as well as meeting the need of redesign and improved maintenance fabrications. Our engineering team is focused on delivering cost effective, ceramic lined fabrications in a responsive manner that will help improve your operational performance.

Many years of coal operation experience provides an underlying base of expertise that allows us to evaluate and improve your operations by applying the latest technology.

Our Contract Manufacturing Service allows CTI-X7® Engineering and Production Managers to fast track and prototype enhanced equipment models for medium to large companies to address immediate redesign/approval to the manufacturing floor. Once customer engineering approves the design and detail and agrees to projected pricing.

We are faster with the delivery of our products than our competitors.For instance,CTI-X7® ceramic copper mining products are delivered in 4-6 weeks. Note: This service can be extended as a full contract production arm to bring products to market.

We offer this service, and encourage interphase track with customer engineering and CTI’s Engineering Management Team by applying the latest 3D CAD Modeling and Plasma Technology. CTI’s twenty eight year performance track as to applied and proven innovative standards detailing ceramic application is a performance driven option to deliver bottom line performance.

We excel through operational experience history and deliver designs that enhance operational performance for the Coal Preparation, Coal Fired Power, Potash, Phosphates and Gold/Base Metal Mining.

New Capital Equipment/Plant Expansion

The CTI-X7® SAM-1 Screen redefines screen feed point technology, counter to the radius sieve bend and drop box standard of the last 50 years. The angle of discharge promotes magnetite, fines classification, water retention, and serves to balance coal circuits. The screen static velocity allows for as much as 80% recovery, classification of fines prior to spray washing and final screening on banana and horizontal screens increasing screen life, efficiency, and promoting cleaner, safer operation.

Plant Maintenance

Following every new capital plant coming online or new expansion beginning production, the hard reality of day to day maintenance becomes critical immediately.

Most operations are staffed lean to keep labor costs at a minimum; this requires a repair service to replace parts. Most operations keep a couple of good welders on staff to form the nucleus of an operations maintenance crew; however, this doesn’t allow for many major repairs to be performed.

Due to plant maintenance crews short staffed nature, CTI-X7® offers an in depth Plant Maintenance Service geared to compliment operations on a large or small scale.

Our sales and service engineers are on call to gather baseline information on many items that is reflected throughout CTI’s Catalog of Products. Our engineering department strives to help customers realize all their maintenance needs. With specific field details and after extensive discussion with the customer, CTI’s engineering staff does a preliminary drawing, takeoff for quote, and defines material design for customer’s review and approval.

This process generates a quick response quote for the desired maintenance product. On receipt of PO, CTI’s dedicated sales and engineering staff confer to detail drawing for customer approval to verify design. In most cases, a finished product will be delivered to customer’s plant within 3-4 weeks after receipt of final approval drawing.

To improve on this delivery schedule, CTI-X7® maintains an extensive drawing library to reissue maintenance items as needed. We feel this approach supports your operations and augments a complete integrated service. We have for many years enjoyed working with many of our operational customers to advise and get in place just in high wear replacement contingents to support safe efficient operations.

We are proud to offer Made in Virginia Custom Fabrications and strive to utilize materials made in USA in every fabrication.

Large Diameter Carbon and Stainless Piping

Due to converging cost factors of urethane and rubber liners, we can now offer ceramic flue liners - 24", 30", 36", 40" pipes that reflect a much improved cost effective performance with extended life.

We also see rapid wear in elbows and fittings. By detailing elbow impact points (sharp angular areas and areas with high velocity flows) to be lined with 1" and ½" tile configurations in high wear areas, we greatly increase the life of piping.

We normally incorporate carbon steel piping (¼"-3/8" wall), or tubing to matching existing IDs or make interphase to straight section runs; however, we can also utilize 304 and stainless alloys. Piping options include straight spools, elbows, and special headers. All fittings meet code and flange specification. Before leaving our warehouse, every fabrication is inspected and piece marked for installation. Installation instructions include erection drawings. We also offer supplemental bolt and gasket packs for ease of installation (see Maintenance Support Kits).

Our engineering department incorporates the latest CAD and plasma procedures, as well as, 3D modeling to work out complex segment replacements. We look forward to supplying your piping needs. All surfaces can be blasted to 6 mil specification to insure correct profile prior to painting and lining. We can primer and finish coat: 6-8 mil DFT of Devoe 261 Epoxy Primer Coating and QC349 Urethane Finish Coat.

Maintenance Support Kits

For years, Ceramic Technology, Inc., was involved in onsite installation. Many times our onsite technicians have come up short on miscellaneous materials. This is always frustrating and costly! The same problem arises when primary fabrications are delivered to site. Even good receiving managers sometimes fail to have adequate bolts, gaskets, etc. on hand at the time of install.

To combat this frustration, we offer complete CTI-X7® ceramic gold mining and silver mining Maintenance Support Kits for installation and repair. Our dedicated engineering and materials team work hard to make installation and repair of all our customers’ equipment as fast and easy as possible. In order to do this, our team offers a palletized or boxed set of all bolts, gaskets, tile, and adhesive needed to complete every job. For quick installation reference, all support kits also includes two (2) copies of Erection Drawings.

We highly recommend the CTI-X7® all-inclusive Maintenance Support Kit is specified when ordering-allowing our Materials Managers to gather materials, verify contents, and deliver with custom CTI-X7® fabrication. This step insures the job to be complete for customer install, without having to shut down installation to run for parts to complete repair. Customers can also coordinate this additional service through our Materials Manager, Sales Engineer, or Engineering staff to order these items.

Available items include: Ceramic Tile, Adhesive, Wear Compound, Metal Plates, Bolts, Gaskets, Flanges, and Lifting Lugs. Contact us for all your maintenance and installation support!

Ceramic Technology, Inc.
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