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CTI Driving Excellence In Ceramic Technology Over The Last Three Decades

Ceramic Technology, Inc. (CTI) has been making valuable contributions for the growth and development of mining and coal-fired power industries from the last three and a half decades. Their patented designs, including the advanced CTI-X7® Ceramic Performance Equipment, have proven to be of great help to process facilities. With their ground-breaking ceramic and materials engineering designs, power industries have been able to minimize abrasion and wear replacement cost of the plant equipment.

The successful evolution of CTI’s contract manufacturing services could not have happened without the aggressive business approach, work ethic, and philosophy of its founder, Mr. Lee Osborne. Being a hard-working individual having hands-on experience in ceramics, preparation, and maintenance, he channelized all his energy and resources into his business. His eye for detail, strict worth ethics and service knowledge served as an inspiration for his employees.

Over the years, the quality of contract manufacturing services provided by CTI has improved remarkably. The company’s vision is clearly reflected in their advancing innovations. Apart from Lee’s drive to excel and self-reliant nature, his dynamic personality and unique approaches made a great difference. This includes:-

  • Profit sharing plans

The employees of CTI get to enjoy the benefits of a well-designed contribution plan for their retirement savings. Such appealing advantages motivate employees to stay committed to their job and pay detailed attention to every aspect. Although these plans require a great deal of administrative upkeep, CTI has never failed in providing attractive incentive plans to its employees. Worker loyalty has always been an important issue for CTI and effective profit sharing plans allow them to create a sense of equality and care among the employees.

  • Customer-specific sales pitches

The striking coordination between the hard-working technicians and vibrant sales team of CTI is a key reason for their success. Their sales representatives know exactly how to persuade the clients. They not only display the superiority of their brand, but also make it clear why the clients should invest in their company. With visually appealing cover slides, powerful stories and enticing solutions, they easily communicate their ideas to the clients and assist them in making the right decision. Their testimonials and research data cover almost every aspect of the product-related information. CTI’s sales representatives know what makes the investors tick, which helps them develop healthy relationships while communicating their ideas.

  • Result-oriented techniques

Lee’s result-driven approach has contributed greatly for the advancement of CTI. He had a clear understanding of how providing ample flexibility to employees for completing their tasks in a specific time frame often results in improved productivity. CTI employees follow the standards set by the leaders with diligence and fulfill their responsibilities with utmost integrity. With clear set goals and a well-established reward program, this organization has widened its profit margin and improved overall revenue.

Ceramic Technology, Inc. has gained its reputation through its advanced ceramic and materials engineering solutions and fine workmanship. Scroll through their website (www.ceramictech.com) if you want to know more about their contract manufacturing services.

Ceramic Technology, Inc.
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