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Welcome to Ceramic Technology, Inc.! As the exclusive contract manufacturer of CTI-X7®Ceramic Process Equipment, we offer a full range of professional services that our team has developed over the past 34 years.

Team CTI will soon celebrate our 35th year of operation.
This anniversary marks an innovative progression into the design and development of the current CTI-X7® Ceramic Performance Equipment presently being utilized throughout the mining and coal-fired power industries. Including coal, sand, phosphate, potash and, gold. For the past three decades, we have focused and developed patented designs, and new plant maintenance concepts as to best forward maintenance practices, minimizing abrasion and wear replacement cost.


The CTI-X7®Performance Standard is a benchmark performer as applied to new process facility or plant expansions to improve maintenance cost. Our equipment can also be progressively used in existing operations to improve maintenance procedure or replacement of operational equipment.

The CTI- X7- Impact cyclones combined with the X7 ® Static Magnetite Prescreens, Including the X7®protection screens Circuit. Is the latest high-performance system and can process coarser material while controlling Mag Loss to .5 Lbs. Per raw ton. Low maintenance cost combined with Mag savings drives profits to the bottom line.

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Ceramic Technology Engineering team focuses on delivering cost-effective, X7® ceramic lined fabrications in a responsive manner that will help to improve the operational performance. CTI's technicians utilize the latest AutoCAD and Plasma Technology to provide manufacturing to specifications on time, site-specific. Many years of coal operational experience offers an underlying base of expertise that allows us to evaluate and improve the operations by applying the latest technology.

By employing territory sales engineers, we strive to support your onsite managers by advising the best path forward into a progressive pattern of improved maintenance. We strive for timely quotes and deliveries of CTI-X7® parts and fabrication. Averaging 4-6 weeks shipping and we can also expedite at Managers request. We coordinate deliveries with onsite contractors and work closely with them to assure schedules and scope of work meets with customer approval.

Meeting the diverse needs of our clients is a daily challenge we enjoy. We strive to support operational performance, the X7® Ceramic Equipment improves production throughput, and will result in a safer, cleaner work environment, results in improved employee morale.

We look forward to meeting your needs to applied improved technology, and higher operational performance. Please contact us today for immediate response. WWW.ceramictech.com 800.437.1142.

Ceramic Technology, Inc.
606 Wardell Industrial Park Road
Cedar Bluff, Va. 24609