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Ceramic Technology Inc. 1985-2021

The CTI-X7® Ceramic Performance Standard Custom Metal Fabrications

CTI-X7® continues to be a benchmark supplier of new ceramic and stainless carbon steel lined replacement equipment. We apply the CTI-X7® Ceramic Standard to improve operational and maintenance performance to component equipment replacement in the mining process as well as in custom metal fabrications.

Many Years of Coal, Phosphate, Potash, Gold, & Coal Fired Operational Experience

provides an underlying base of expertise that allows us to evaluate your operations; by applying advanced ceramic technical knowledge and the CTI-X7® exclusive equipment benchmarks operational improved process performance for custom metal fabrications. To check out our Facebook click here.

Ceramic Technology, Inc

Our Exclusive Ceramics Manufacturing Service

allows our engineering and production managers to quickly prototype equipment models, redesign, and issue to the manufacturing floor. Once our customer approves the detailed design and issues a purchase order, our ceramic and materials engineering team will manufacture and prepare to ship. In most cases, we ship in about 4-6 weeks; we can also expedite to meet customer needs in emergencies. We provide this exclusive service by applying the latest 3D-CAD plans to communicate the particular proposal's details.

We Excel Through Operational Experience

and deliver designs that will enhance operational performance for the coal preparation, coal-fired power, potash, phosphates, and gold-based metal mining industries; including waste water/ sewage plants with stainless parts replacement.

Ceramic Technology, Inc



Ceramic Technology's Dedicated Teams

utilizes the latest AutoCAD and Plasma Technology to deliver cost-effective, ceramic lined fabrication that will improve your operational performance.

Our sales engineers schedule on-site visits to discuss CTI-X7® proposals with your production and project engineers.

By working closely with your production managers, we can form a relationship where we operate as an extension of your team and focus on immediate priorities. Our focus is to evaluate, detail to plan, and deliver our CTI X7® ceramic lined processed equipment within 4-6 weeks.

We Act As Your Agent in New Capital Equipment Installation

as well as day to day maintenance priorities. Once we start your project through our facility, our drafting engineers work with fabrication supervisors to perform daily inspections to ensure the job meets all specifications. We communicate your project progress in detail and welcome visits from customers to inspect work as it progresses.

By working with your engineers and production managers, we define and remain committed to implementing the CTI-X7® Ceramic Standard as a pathway to improved operational performance. Over the last 35 years, we have maintained a rework warranty claim of less than 1/2 percent

CTI-X7® Prototyping & Contracts Manufacturing Services

CTI-X7® continues to be one of the best contract manufacturing companies for new capital plant and expansion equipment; and meets the needs for redesign and improved maintenance. Our engineering team focuses on delivering cost-effective, ceramic lined equipment that will improve your operational performance.

The CTI-X7® Pre-Screens redefines screen feed point technology, replacing radius sieve bend and dropbox standard of the last 50 years. The discharge angle promotes magnetite, fines classification, water retention and serves to balance mineral circuits. The screen static velocity allows for about 80% recovery, classification of fines prior to spray washing, and final screening on banana and horizontal screens, increasing the screen's life and promoting a cleaner and safer operation.

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CTI-X7® Dust Cyclones

CTI-X7® Dust/Chip/Plastics Cyclones have proven benchmark performance as to improving aggressive replacement cycles. CTI-X7® Ceramic Impact Cyclones have an operating temperature of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our engineering team coordinates the assembly in-shop bolt up confirmation to the 1/16" specification before shipping. We supply erection sequence drawings and just in time delivery to meet your shut down schedule. We highly recommend ceramic lined pads; however, 304 stainless steel or AR 400 bolt-in liners are also available.

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CTI-X7® Impact Elbows

CTI-X7® Impact Elbows are designed and fabricated based on customer field conditions, such as pneumatic and gravity drop of large particulates to control severe impact such as cullet glass to mine tailings. CTI impact elbows are custom built and could extend 15 times over the present life. CTI designs a complete line of fittings from 3”-40” and ship to all points on the North American continent.

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CTI-X7® Primary & Secondary Ash Cyclones

CTI-X7® Bottom Ash Primary and Secondary Cyclones benchmark an eight-year performance record to segment and divert oversize ash flow to storage silos. The improved design is also less prone to heat distortion, which can seriously impede separation flow. We have CTI X7® units that are operating 24/7 in our bottom ash applications with little to none man-hours on maintenance.

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Ceramic Technology, Inc

CTI-X7® Drain & Rinse Pans

In almost all cases, Vibratory screens require drain pans to direct flows of fines and water to the required process. Pans are typically fabricated out of 3/8" to 1/4" MS as a one-piece unit, braced and shipped to be lifted into place and set prior to the screen setting. The liner of choice is 1/2" ceramic tile on Drain & Rinse Screens where magnetite is being recovered. Using 1/2" ceramic-lined pans, you can extend the life 5-20 years on your fabrication; the abrasion-corrosion is very aggressive as to the wear.

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CTI-X7® Sluices & Flumes

The progressive development of 1" and 1/2" ceramic lined flumes for raw coal feed to vibrators increases production and is the preferred option, especially in plant upgrades. The replacement of ceramic lined flumes, in most cases, sees improvement by a 15:1 ratio.

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Ceramic Technology, Inc

CTI-X7® Ceramic Impact Pad Assemblies

CTI-X7®'s Impact Pad System allows individual bolt-in panels to dissipate impact. The Impact Panels integrates well with conveyor and chute systems with limited access and need for quick replacement. The panels only weigh about 70 lbs.; that allows mechanics to easily exchange the pads in the excessive-high wear areas.

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