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Ceramic Lining Services

The CTI-X7® specification provides a clear roadmap to an improved benchmarked performance with our ceramic lining services. With the near diamond hardness of alumina oxide and ceramic composites, we are now able to extend the life of processing equipment 20 times over the past AR400 standard technology. Ceramic lined pipe has become the standard, best practice for mineral processing and related operations to maximize return on investments.

Mining processing operations realize the return by:

  • Dramatic improvement in lessening cleanup, allowing man hours to focus on mechanical maintenance and operations
  • Minimizes plug-ups, blow-outs, and downtime
  • Results in better classification of coal and media to the correct circuits
  • Dramatically reduces noise levels; which is an underrated benefit. Ceramic lined equipment has the ability to absorb and dissipate amplification of coal and refuse flow; in most cases, process flow noise is virtually eliminated
  • Saves money by extending equipment life by 20 times over non-lined equipment
  • Improved, cleaner, safer, and most importantly, more efficient operations.

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