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Custom Steel Fabrication

Custom Steel Fabrication

Natural clay lies in great quantiles within Mother Earth. The Early man realized that clay implements, baked in a fire, transformed into a more glass-like structure. That transformation added strength, allowing ceramics' progression into vital tools and artwork that define the great tribe's era of growth. We utilize that in our CTI-X7 Ceramic Process Equipment as we make our custom steel fabrication.

Ceramics has since 9000BC been intrinsic in the development of civilization is and remains a testament to man's innovation. Early on, the ceramic artform and the need for more critical day-to-day implements progressed into glassware production, articles that could be sold or traded.

As of the year 2020, Ceramic production has exponentially developed into complex support systems with branch technology that continuously supports and enhances our lives.

Consider the daily complexity of our lives and those everyday gadgets that we have come to depend on, phones, computers, advanced electronics that also provide an element of control that defines our present civilization.

Factor in the broader impact on the economy and multipliers such as computers, aviation, housing, mining and housing materials, aviation, vehicles, equipment manufacturing, armaments, space travel, medical equipment, including knee and hip replacement components; the list goes on and on.

From That Five Groups Falling Under Oxides and Non-Oxides Ceramic Variations

can be fine-tuned to address desired results to improved hardness, heat, and chemical resistance. The five groups break into 28 different ceramic compounds to meet the design and performance projected to build superior fabrications.

However, you will have a higher production cost when you move from Alumina’s to Zirconia, Carbides, and Nitrides. We can supply complex steel fabrications such as nozzles and cones, including machine components.

Our Steel Fabrication Processes

We have concentrated our fabrication and production using 92% Alumna engineered liners due to cost and performance.

Alumna Oxide starts as mined borax and then processed into calcined Alumna. Crystals are then combined with additives such as silica, compressed formed in a green state, fired at 2200 degrees that promote crystal growth. That results in a product hardness of 9.5 vs. 10 diamond hardness on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

The crystal growth results in a material that is inert or impermeable resulting in unique characteristics that are hard and will absorb impact when adequately designed and applied. These process minerals are sticky, such as wet concrete that will not build up.

Ceramic Technology Inc.

Has thirty-five years of business expansion and benchmarks an innovative progression on improved maintenance procedure.

We were awarded a registered trademark in September 2014, The CTI-X7® Ceramic Process Equipment.

The CTI-X7® Static Screen redefines screen feed point technology, countering the radius sieve bend and drop-box standard of the last 50 years.

The X-7® Static Screen is a magnetite recovery screen that classifies fine material to the material circuits, including magnetite at a minus 1.5 MM.

Screening through the minus 1.5 MM screens improves the drain and rinse performance on final spray washing and enhances screening on flat cyclone circuit screens. Many coal operations using CTI X-7® mag recovery screens report magnetite loss at less than .5 lbs. per raw ton.

The CTI-X7® Protection Screens

are scaled-down and operate much as the X-7® Static Screens. The 6-7 mm static screens are interchangeable. Maintenance cost is kept to a minimum considering the protection screen's small footprint, allowing your operators to visualize oversize concentrations feed to the circuit.

The CTI X-7® Circuit Protection Screen has been a consistent performer to sizing out oversize particles in delicate coal circuits, such as the feed to the classifier, microcells, and thickener underflow protection.

Problems associated with the misplaced material can adversely affect your plant performance leading to lost coal/minerals and forced emergency plant shutdowns.

CTI is a class-A certified mineral equipment contract manufacturer. The CTI-X7® Brand is respected throughout the mining industry and is known as the best performer to support improved operational performance

We warranty all our X-7® mineral processing and maintenance equipment and equipment parts.

Included in all our units for easy installation is a flowchart, and we are always available for questions that you may have. CTI appreciates your business and looks forward to servicing you and your company in all your equipment needs.

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