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Industrial Plant Maintenance

Ceramic Technology Inc. offers an in-depth plant maintenance service geared to support operations on a large or small scale.

Our sales and service engineers are on call to gather baseline information on our CTI's Catalog Products' maintenance parts. Our sales department focuses on helping customers define the best path to maximize industrial plant maintenance priorities.

Our industrial plant maintenance plan process:

Our Sales and Service Engineers go on-site and discuss the equipment or replacement parts needed with the customer. Our engineering staff does a preliminary drawing for the customer's review and approval; the engineering department prepares a quote for the customer's final review and approval. Customer issues a PO, CTI manufacture the equipment or parts and, in most cases, ships within 4-6 weeks.

This Process Generates a Quick Response Quote for the Desired Plant Maintenance Product.

On receipt of PO, CTI’s dedicated sales and engineering staff confer with the customer to verify and get approval on the final detailed drawing.

In most cases, a finished product will be delivered to a customer’s plant within 4-6 weeks after receipt of final drawing approval.

To improve on this delivery schedule, CTI maintains an extensive drawing library to reissue maintenance items as needed. We feel this approach supports your operations and augments a complete integrated service.

For many years, we have enjoyed working with our operational customers to advise and get in place high wear replacement contingencies to support safe and efficient operations.

We are proud to offer Made in Virginia Custom Fabrications and strive to utilize materials made in the USA in every fabrication.

CTI-X7® Bottom Ash Systems

CTI-X7® Bottom Ash pipe fittings 8" and 10" with ceramic wear backs, lined with 1" ceramic tile to combat small particle, high-velocity wear. We see up to five times the life of OEM high chrome parts at present. By eliminating wear pockets that result in partial plugging, our fittings keep flow FPS consistent. The consistent flow cuts down the potential for gas and dust explosions, which can happen when slower velocities occur.

CTI-X7® 24x7 Coal &
Mineral Process Distributors

The coal and mineral process requires accurate stage distribution of the process flow. In most cases, coal and mineral slurries pumped and directed to primary process equipment.

Cyclone feeds are critical in maintaining a balanced, even flow from the sump to distribution points to process equipment. Distributors may be as little as 2-way to as many as a 31-way arrangement to feed classifying cyclones.

Material flow wear is very aggressive, and high wear typically requires maintenance in a year or less.

The CTI-X7® Ceramic Lined Distributors will see five to ten years of life on a 24x7 process schedule.

CTI-X7® Bottom Ash Fittings

CTI-X7® Primary and Secondary Bottom Ash Cyclones, along with the CTI-X7® 6" and 8" pneumatic pipe and fittings with 1/2" ceramic liner, has benchmarked a much-improved ash system transport from the boiler to silo.

The improved performance has dramatically reduced recurring maintenance, labor cost as to the cyclone repairs, and ash pipe and fitting replacement to meet the environmental regulations.

CTI-X7® OEM Replacement Cyclones

The choice of the preparation process is our CTI X7 heavy media cyclone circuit. We are now processing nominal 3" by 1/4" coarse flows; the flow impact and wear is very aggressive. We can design to your needs as to wear and separation performance.

We supply complete CTI X7® Ceramic HM Cyclone arrangements as well as all parts. We will pick up and evaluate your cyclone for full replacement or repair as needed. We guarantee the accuracy of parts fabricated within 1/16".

In the last 35 years, we have never failed to deliver equipment and meet our customer's performance expectations.

CTI-X7® Process Piping

CTI-X7® Coal and Mineral Ceramic Process piping is a versatile and cost-effective solution to pumping high volume solids on a 24 x 7 process schedule.

CTI can solve specific wear problems that large particles, dense medium processes create; by detailing carbon steel, schedule 40 pipe standard with ceramic.

CTI-X7® Suction & Pump Discharge

The CTI-X7® Sump to Pump intake suctions designed to provide maximum cross-section flow to mineral process pumps, handling a full range of 3" to 1" particle size.

The pump intake flow is typically a schedule 40 pipe with 1/2" tile liner with optional 1" liner in the eccentric or concentric reducer.

We recommend blind flange arrangements over the mechanical seal option at the sump entry point, more cost-effective and operational at 10+ years.

The CTI-X7® Pump to Pipe Adapter replaces the rubber expansion pump to pipe connection.

The ability to make a 45-degree discharge angle directly off pumps, pumping 3" sand-laden slurry has been standard for years with no pump adapters' failures.

CTI-X7® Segmented Elbows

CTI-X7® remains a key designer and manufacturer for complete ceramic-lined piping systems, including ceramic lined pipe elbows throughout the coal, power, and minerals industries.

Our systems include stainless steel carbon designs specific to handling large particulate flows, including processing pump suctions to complete large diameter heavy media lines to improve impact and blowout conditions.

We also design and build hydraulic/pneumatic transport for sands, base minerals tailings, or bottom ash. The distinctive fitting designs incorporate flexibility, delivering a 20 to 1 extended life over steel and rubber-lined pipes

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