Why Are Maintenance Support Kits Important?

Short  answer is, Industrial maintenance support kits saves time by having  all the parts required  and  present  to complete the install. That way you don’t have to send runners to collect  bolts, etc.  The downside of waiting until the last minute is runners  discover bolts and other required items are not in the warehouse. This will  take a positive job focus and turn it negative immediately . 

 When CTI accepts a job we support that install by detailing the CTI-X7Ⓡ complete equipment  layout, complete with silicone, gaskets , bolts ,additional lifting lugs, brackets, and Wearing Compound  to complete install. We have sales tech on site to help coordinate the install. He will also coordinate the level of service needed. 

We understand operations and are committed to working with the plant managers, and maintenance team on Industrial maintenance support. Our goal is a complete service, we are committed to installing the best we want that performance to improve operational performance directly to the bottom line. 

Industrial maintenance support installation

Our Maintenance Support Kits

We offer a variety of different Maintenance Support Kits, which meet the needs of our clients. Our technicians will recommend those items needed and have them attached as customer approves.   

At Ceramic Technology, Inc., we provide many different parts for all scenarios.

We’ve provided a brief list of all of the Support Kits available below:
  • Wear Compounds
  • Adhesives
  • Bolt Packs
  • Additional Impact  Plates
  • Gaskets
  • Truss, Beam, and Lag Brackets
  • Brushable Ceramics
  • Ceramic Tiles 
  • Silicones Sealant We’ve broken down these Support Kits below:

Wear Compounds

Our Wear Compounds consist of an epoxy material, which helps provide cost-effective solutions for repairs and maintenance. These parts help provide Industrial maintenance support for many common issues associated with continuous production.

These issues include:
  • Abrasion
  • Wear
  • Vibration
  • Erosion
  • Corrosion
  • Fatigue
  • Mechanical damage
  • And more

Bolt Packs

 Ceramic Technology, Inc. supplies the various bolt packs required to install new processing equipment. These bolt assemblies  are bagged  with the fabrications as they arrive on site. 


CTI-X7Ⓡ Gaskets fixed gaskets intend to decrease install time .  Utilizing the correct gasket fixed tends to  decrease  Install time, is the direct proportion of Man hrs required expressed as ratio as to Lbs per Man Hr installed. The same ratio applies to about all install jobs. 

Truss, Beam, and Lag Brackets

Ceramic Technology, Inc. also supplies bracket and bent assembly packages as an alternative. These packages are required to bolt truss and column connections together securely. 

We make all of these packs to order, meaning they can fit any team’s engineering plan. We supply complete bolt, lag, and plate assemblies, plasma cutting them to ensure strong and accurate connections. 

Brushable Ceramics

Our alumina-filled epoxy provides a barrier against abrasion and wear. Its smooth protective surface combats corrosion, erosion, and chemical wear, allowing plant managers to get the most out of their new mineral processing equipment. 

Ceramic Tiles 

Our high-performance Alumna Oxide  material prevents oxidation control . It also provides structural support and wears resistance registering near diamond hardness  a 9.5 on a Mohs Hardness Scale 

Silicone Sealant

Ceramic Technology offers premium caulks and silicones, which provide a waterproof seal for various types of process equipment. 

These sealants help guarantee:
  • Flanges
  • Seals
  • Gaskets

Ceramic Technology. Inc. Sealant guarantees a great seal, protecting areas experiencing heavy wear and continuous usage. 

Industrial maintenance support

Contact Ceramic Technology, Inc.

Our patented CTI-X7Ⓡ equipment serves to streamline your plant’s mineral processing operation that is operating 24/7 days a week.  Due to our comprehensive solutions and attention to detail, we will support  the mineral processing plant to accelerate process efficiency  while remaining operational. We can have our service engineers contact ,evaluate, apply solutions as to rapid support of your on site maintenance team. 

Our services  are widely used in the North American Continent because we have proven effective at driving efficiency and lowering costs. With our CTI-X7Ⓡ Technology, your mineral processing facility can increase production and prevent costly spills and shutdowns.

 We are happy to quote our service,  call us at (800) 437-1142 or fill out the contact form on our webpage. Feel free to check out our Facebook page as well! We look forward to answer any questions you may have about our CTI-X7Ⓡ Equipment and or how we can support your operational need. 

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