Ceramic Lining: The Benefits of Reducing Impact and Corrosion

Mineral processing produces a lot of corrosion and abrasion on materials, especially those that tend to be weaker. Many pieces of plant equipment only tend to last for several years, which can cause potential inconveniences for plant managers. The common question then occurs, how to prevent corrosion?

Also, plant equipment has grown more expensive over the years, making it challenging for plant managers to access the equipment necessary for their daily output. With rubber and urethane materials growing in price, it is easy to see why many people have started considering alternatives. 

The ceramic lining has proven to outperform traditional mineral processing equipment, providing plant managers with the efficiency they need to drive production. 

Many people have reported that ceramic fabrications and lining help prevent issues such as:
  • Corrosion
  • Abrasion
  • Spills
  • Plant shut down leakage
  • And more

The Importance of Reducing Corrosion

Corrosion describes the destruction of metal materials due to chemical and electrochemical reactions. These reactions occur due to oxygen, slurries, and interactions between raw metals. 

When corrosion occurs, it can reduce the structural stability of metal components. The most common way this occurs is by oxidation, which is when rust develops on the surface of a metal. 

After corrosion has occurred for a long time, it gradually makes the metal weaker. While these effects are not immediately visible at first, they can dramatically impact the stability of the structure. One of the most common issues that corrosion can cause is a structural collapse, which results in leaks, spills, and other environmental issues. 

These spills take a significant amount of time and manpower to clean up while also causing the plant to invest in temporary solutions to encourage production. Usually, the plant experiences significant downtime during corrosion-related collapses, as production must cease until an alternative solution becomes known.

How Ceramic Lining Can Mitigate Corrosion

Corrosion is a constant obstacle in the mineral processing industry. Since metal oxidizes gradually over time, plant managers must ensure that their capital processing equipment can sustain as long as possible. 

While there is no way to stop the effects of corrosion effectively, there are tools to counter it. Ceramic lining can increase the efficiency of capital processing equipment, giving plant managers peace of mind and ROI. 

Investing in efficiency and productivity can significantly impact a plant’s production capabilities. Ceramic lining can increase the lifespan of processing equipment by 5 – 15 years. In addition, our CTI-X7Ⓡ Industrial Pipe Lining can help plant managers see a 20:1 improvement ratio from their previous fabrications. 

The CTI-X7Ⓡ Difference

Our ceramic process equipment is a highly-accurate solution for any plant’s needs. Our engineers utilize rapid 3D modeling software to provide our clients with a highly-accurate, leak-resistant fabrication. 

Ceramic Technology, Inc.’s engineering team designs impact sections to dissipate high volume flows while connecting process equipment to different schedule pipes. Our team designs lining to meet operational and environmental standards, which helps plant managers get the most usage out of their new fabrication. 

Due to increases in production after installing our CTI-X7Ⓡ equipment and lining, plant managers can enjoy rapid payback and an overall increase in plant performance. Our plant components and lining can endure the constant 24 x 7 continuous production pressures, which helps plant managers get the best value out of their new lining.

In addition, our lining helps prevent the impacts of corrosion and abrasion. Carbon steel and stainless steel ceramic pipe liners have shown significant improvements in productivity and efficiency. These parts also reduce corrosion-related metal degradation, eliminating potential spills and cleanups.

How Can CTI-X7Ⓡ Technology Help Plants?

Continuous production is essential at any mineral processing plant, as it allows plants to function 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This kind of production is pivotal for a plant, as it can ensure that costly spills and cleanups do not happen. 

These events take up a lot of time and can end up costing a significant amount of money, as well. Ceramic process equipment and lining ensure that these issues do not occur, giving plant managers the peace of mind necessary to carry out their work. 

Our team at Ceramic Technology, Inc. would be happy to help teams develop custom fabrications that help improve the production of gold, coal, and other minerals. Our custom engineering contracting services can help clients in the mineral processing industry get the results they need to drive production. 

Contact Ceramic Technology, Inc. To Learn How To Prevent Corrosion

Our patented CTI-X7Ⓡ equipment serves to streamline your plant’s mineral processing operation that operates 24/7 days a week.  Our comprehensive solutions and attention to detail will support the mineral processing plant to accelerate processes efficiency while remaining operational. 

We can have our service engineers contact, evaluate, apply solutions to prompt support of your on-site maintenance team. Stop asking how to prevent corrosion, and get ceramic lining done sooner rather than later!

Our services are widely used in the North American Continent because we have proven effective at driving efficiency and lowering costs. With our CTI-X7Ⓡ Technology, your mineral processing facility can increase production and prevent costly spills and shutdowns.

 We are happy to quote our service; call us at (800) 437-1142 or fill out the contact form on our webpage. Feel free to check out our Facebook page as well! We look forward to answering any questions you may have about our CTI-X7Ⓡ Equipment and how we can support your operation.

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