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Ceramic Lining Services


The CTI-X7® Ceramic Specification provides a clear plan to systematically apply a proven standard of performance that will improve your operational efficiency. As a Contract Manufacturer, we focus on customer service and redesign to target problematic plant components, circuit upgrades, and plant expansions.

  • CTI engineering team works directly with your operational managers to improve maintenance performance including; plant expansions, new process circuit improvements, redesign of process equipment.

  • We create drawings on customer request and respond with RFQs in most cases, 1 to 2 weeks. On receipt of customer sketches, drawing approval and on the issuance of the purchase order, we deliver site-specific custom fabrications. Sales engineer follows up with the onsite installation with your maintenance team.

  • We excel at working and recommending ceramic redesigns utilizing ceramic alumina components such as the CTI-X7® Ceramic Lined Process Equipment. Over the many years of working closely with the operational teams, we have re-defined maintenance priority and designed new performance standards. Improving operational life where impact abrasion and reactive issues result in accelerated failure of material processing systems such as piping, chutes, cyclones, overflow underflow boxes, distributors, head chutes, loadouts, feeders, etc.

  • In breakdowns that result in emergency repairs and reduced process production. The CTI-X7® Ceramic Standard was recognized this past week in a World Class Reliability Contest held in San Antonio, Texas October 3rd, 2018 sponsored by Emerson Engineering.

Donald Prevost of Detour Gold stated in his presentation that “impact abrasion and premature wear on the 30” ball mill lines were adversely affecting plant production due to the pipe and fitting failure.

The premature wear resulted in repeated unscheduled maintenance shifts to replace worn and blown out fittings. Over the last four years working with Donald, our service engineer and engineering team designed CTI-X7® Impact Elbow that processed 55,000 T.P.D. off material and displaced 5-inch, steel grinding balls. CTI Team was able to extend the 88-degree fitting performance to 10 months processing 17 million tons of gold ore during the 10-month period of operation, supporting mineral throughput by as much as 30 percent.

Donald and Detours Reliability team went on to score 1st place. They were competing against multinational conglomerates DOW-Aramco and Bayer Science.


Mining processing operations can realize 20 to 25 ROI by:

  • CTI received the federal trademark on our equipment performance standard September 2nd, 2014 on The CTI -X7® Ceramic Process Equipment brand is well known and respected in the US and Canada to combat impact abrasion and reactive corrosion.

  • Utilizing the X7® Brand minimizes the cost associated plug-ups, blow-outs, that in many cases results in plant downtime that is expensive.

  • The unscheduled plant shut down requires plant personnel to go into high gear to repair or replace failed process equipment. Repairs of this nature are complicated and in many cases can add elements of increased accident potential.

  • Spills of process products such as minerals ores, phosphate, potash, and gold ore require excessive working hours to clean. Environmental spills uncontained require reporting to state agencies that can result in fines and stricter, higher cost of mining permits.

  • The X-7® Impact Plates require strict application procedure to detail for impact and for varying reactive acids. Example, CTI operating in 35% phosphoric and sulfuric process applications.

  • We design process circuits that include the CTI-X7® Heavy Media and Classifying Cyclones. When used with the CTI-Static Screens is capable of processing high plant throughput recovering Magnetite Medium at less than .5 pounds per raw ton as a consistent performance point. Also improves screen performance as to classification and resulting in longer life of process screen panels.

  • The X7® Plant Equipment absorbs and dissipates noise amplification of coal and mineral in the process flow. Decreasing the noise level is a very positive aspect of Ceramic liners as compared to steel. Above the ground operation noise is coming under more scrutiny daily. The Mine Safety and Health, (M.S.H.A.) routinely monitor noise levels setting operational and personal restrictions. We see this as a continuing priority with all companies large and small.

Over the last 33 years our team of engineers, certified welders, and tile technicians have concentrated their efforts build one of the best-known process equipment brands utilized throughout the coal, mineral and gold mining Industry. The CTI-X7® Ceramic Process Equipment is supporting operational efficiency across the United States.

We now operate in the US and Canada as a contract manufacturer. Our X7® brand benchmarks service performance and delivering a 25 to 1 ROI for most all of our customers.

We have tracked a very innovative path as to patented equipment lined with engineered alumina ceramic liners, supporting 24 x 7 continuous mineral processing operations dealing with impact abrasion and reactive wear. We have to date near 50,000,000 pounds of equipment operating in the day to day bump grind of the North American mineral processing industry.

By delivering high-quality service that drives profits for our customers to the bottom line, we forge relationships with many customer engineering and operational managers that face the daily challenge to improve mining process performance.

We encourage our sales engineers to organize and present real-time solutions to repetitive problems as to equipment replacement attributed to impact abrasion and reactive wear.

The process runs full cycle by the customer requesting a quotation;

  • CTI will budget, pre-engineer, and contract manufacture new plant expansion and/or new capital process facility
  • A quote goes out to the customer with preliminary Drawing.
  • Customer Issues PO.
  • Final G.A. drawing completed, field checked.
  • Final drawing detailed approved by the customer
  • Issues to plant for the manufacturing
  • Product cut out +- 1/16th Inch
  • Fit, welded and blasted
  • Liners installed
  • Finish Epoxy 10-12 Mill, Machine Gray
  • Delivered in a 4-6 week period
  • CTI will accommodate customers’ expedited delivery request

The X7® Equipment bridges that gap for cost-effective solutions. The alumina oxide ceramic continues to be the most cost-effective solution as to combating abrasion and wear in coal and steel to phosphate, potash, gold, copper, zinc and iron ore, etc.

We are aggressively looking forward to 2019. We are presently projecting growth in an exciting field of operational maintenance including new capital equipment acquisition in the North American Market.

Please contact Ceramic Technology Inc. @ www.ceramictech.com 800-437-1142

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