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Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

Due to the increase in base petroleum products utilized to produce rubber and urethanes, we are now able to supply CTI-X7® Ceramic-Lined Large OD Pipes, which are a much better performing standard as to Carbon/Ceramic, Stainless/Ceramic, and Stainless Alloy Ceramic. The payback ratio of 20:1 is very attractive on high wear items and rapid replacement segments.

Features & Benefits of the CTI-X7® Ceramic Pipe

  • CTI-X7® can supply ceramic designed systems and custom stainless steel fabrication which can be engineered to meet demanding operational and environmental standards.
  • Results in rapid payback and increased plant performance. In many cases will outperform unlined pipe by a 20:1 ratio.
  • As stainless steel fabricators, our engineering and rapid 3D modeling will define the fabrication's accuracy; review with plant engineers to coordinate just in time delivery and support installation.
  • Design impact sections to dissipate high volume flows and connect to different schedule pipe.
  • Eliminate the chance of spills.
  • Increase maintenance performance and lower installation cost.
  • Prevents leaks or premature blowouts; keeps operations clean to keep state and federal inspectors at bay.
  • Eliminates fire hazards that require special set-ups in regards to rubber lined pipe.
  • Supports a safer and more efficient operation.

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