What Are the Benefits of CTI-X7® to Mining Operations?

Mining operations around the globe are constantly searching for ways to improve efficiency and productivity. In recent years, many have turned to the CTI-X7® Performance Standard as a way to achieve these goals. The standard was developed with mining operations in mind and offers several benefits that can help improve performance, safety, efficiency, and ROI. Here are some of the critical benefits of CTI-X7® for mining operations.

Why Is Improving Performance Important?

Mining is a critical sector for many countries and regions, providing essential resources and raw materials for numerous industries. However, it is also a very competitive industry, with companies striving to achieve the highest performance levels possible. As a result, even minor performance improvements can significantly impact a company’s bottom line. 

The CTI-X7® Performance Standard is designed to help mining operations improve performance in several ways. For example, its patented ceramic process equipment with erosion-resistant coatings can help extend the life of crucial equipment. Additionally, CTI-X7®’s predictive sensor technologies can help anticipate and avoid potential problems before they happen, further improving performance. 

The Operational Performance Standard

Ceramic Technology, Inc. developed the CTI-X7® Performance Standard to improve the mining industry’s safety, efficiency, and ROI (by reducing maintenance costs). The standard focuses on high-performing equipment as a benchmark for new process facilities or plant expansions. Mining companies can also use our equipment in existing operations to improve maintenance procedures or replace operational equipment.

Mining companies that implement the CTI-X7® standard will be able to:

  • Operate their facilities with fewer safety incidents
  • Achieve a higher (5 to 20x) return on investment
  • Reduce shutdowns and downtimes
  • Save maintenance and labor costs
  • Meet production demands more efficiently
  • Curtail environmental impacts

Outlast Other Materials

CTI-X7® ceramic processing equipment is made to withstand high levels of abrasion, making them a valuable asset to mining operations. It is designed to last longer than other materials, such as rubber or steel, and can handle even the most abrasive conditions. Under this standard, ceramic liners can also be used in various applications, from chutes and hoppers to conveyor belts and crushers.

Reduce Downtime

Downtime is costly for any business but can be incredibly detrimental to mining operations. CTI-X7® mineral process products can help reduce downtime by prolonging equipment life and preventing wear and tear. In addition, our ceramic liners are easy to install and require little maintenance, which can further reduce downtime.

Ceramic Technology, Inc. has been providing custom wear-resistant solutions for over 40 years. For customized processing equipment solutions and installation services, contact us today at (800) 437-1142 or info@ceramictech.com.

Increase ROI

Investing in CTI-X7® wear-resistant solutions can help increase your return on investment by prolonging the life of your equipment. Our products are designed to be tough and durable, standing up to the abrasive nature of mining. We have some clients from 20 years ago still in operation with our products to this day.

How to Get Started

The CTI-X7® Standard was developed by a team of mining equipment experts and is currently being piloted by major mining companies, such as Kirkland Lake Gold. This standard is a field-tested, comprehensive approach to managing equipment liner reliability and safety. It includes:

  • A detailed review of your equipment’s operating parameters
  • An examination of your current liners and maintenance practices
  • The development of a customized plan for improving your equipment reliability and safety, including the use of CTI’s proprietary ceramic lining products and services

To learn more about the CTI-X7® Standard and how it can benefit your mining operation, please get in touch with us today. Contact us today at (800) 437-1142 or info@ceramictech.com.

Setting Standards

All Ceramic Technology, Inc. (CTI) equipment is US-patented and registered to the X7 Standard.

Many coal and mining companies work with general contractors for new plant creation or expansion. Their process includes identifying fabricators for process equipment, such as chutes, sumps, and pre-feed screens. However, many of these general contractors will end up selecting the cheapest option, which includes CTI knock-offs.

Unlike CTI-X7®, lower-grade fabricators do not have the 25-to-1 ROI performance standard. The processing equipment ends up being subpar in terms of plant performance. Furthermore, it ends up requiring more maintenance, repair, and replacements.

We benefit our clients specifically by servicing them directly. We work with our clients to provide, install, and service all patented CTI-X7® equipment. Our priority is your optimal performance with the goal of a higher ROI yield.

Upgrade to CTI-X7® Today

Are you a maintenance foreman or plant superintendent looking for ways to increase production while reducing costs?

Our team can help you find the right solution for your needs, starting with our knowledge in the coal mining sector. Upgrading to our CTI-X7® Ceramic Process Equipment will allow you to take advantage of the latest mineral processing technology and improve your process efficiency. 

Contact us today at (800) 437-1142 or info@ceramictech.com to learn more about how we can help you maximize productivity while reducing costs.

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