The Benefits of Ceramic Lining Services for Cyclones and Pipings

Cyclones and pipings are important industrial components that must be kept in working order. One way to do this is by using ceramic lining services. Ceramic liners can protect cyclones and piping from degradation and extend the equipment’s life. By using ceramic lining services, you can improve your system’s performance while ensuring its safety.

Cyclones and Piping Systems in Mining Plants

Mining facilities use a lot of large and expensive equipment. Much of this equipment, such as cyclones and piping systems, is essential to the facility’s function. If this equipment breaks down, it can cause significant disruptions in the plant’s operations. This is why keeping them in good working order is so important.

Ceramic lining services can help to extend the life of your cyclones and piping systems. The ceramic lining acts as a barrier between the metal surface of the equipment and the abrasive materials it comes into contact with. This helps to protect the metal from wear and tear, and also makes it more resistant to corrosion.

Benefits of Ceramic Lining Services

In addition to extending the life of your equipment, ceramic lining services can also offer several other benefits.

  • Ceramic-lined equipment is often able to operate at higher temperatures than non-lined equipment. This can be highly beneficial in industries where high temperatures are a standard part of the process, such as in the glass industry.
  • Ceramic lining can also improve the flow of materials through your equipment. The smooth surface of the ceramic creates less friction than a metal surface. This can lead to increased efficiency and throughput in your plant.
  • Ceramic lining services can help to reduce noise levels in your facility. The ceramic lining acts as a sound barrier, absorbing some of the noise generated by the equipment. This can make your plant more comfortable for employees and also help to reduce noise pollution.
  • Ceramic lining is much harder than metal and it can resist abrasion and impact damage. This can prolong the life of your equipment and save you money in the long run.

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Running a mineral processing plant can be a hazardous task, and one of the topmost priorities for plant managers is to ensure the safety of their employees. Mineral processing plants can be hazardous places with various potential safety risks. Some of the most common risks include:

  • Accidental release of toxic or flammable gasses
  • Explosions
  • Injury from faulty machinery
  • Chemical burns

Over the years, many plants have installed ceramic linings in their processing equipment to protect workers from these hazards. Ceramic linings are made from a hard, brittle material that can withstand high temperatures and corrosive chemicals. Ceramic linings have several advantages over other lining materials, such as rubber, in protecting employees from injury and equipment from damage.

Patented Ceramic Lining Services

Ceramic Technology, Inc. develops and patents unique ceramic lining technology. We offer our ceramic lining services to various industries, including mining, quarrying, mineral processing, power generation, and bulk materials handling.

CTI-X7® Industrial Ceramic Lining Specification

With our years of experience in the industry, we have learned that ceramic liners can make a significant difference in extending equipment life. Our tests show an average 20:1 advantage for material processing systems such as piping, cyclones, and chutes over traditional metal ones with similar applications.

The CTI-X7® Ceramic Standard has marked improvements across the North American Continent in replacing rubber, AR, and chromium carbide liners in piping and chute distribution systems. In emergency repairs due to a blowout, you can do a temporary weld on carbon with ceramic or stainless with ceramic, reducing environmental spills and shutdowns.

Improve Your Operations Today

The CTI engineering team works directly with your reliability and maintenance managers to improve maintenance performance, including plant expansions, new process circuit improvements, and process equipment redesign. We excel at working and recommending ceramic redesigns, utilizing ceramic alumina components such as the CTI-X7® Industrial Ceramic Lining Process Equipment.

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